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You See Internet TV

With purposes of knowledge-sharing and enhancing knowledge dissemination. UCiTV... in a class of its own...


in a class of its own...


UTHM has made up a decision to set up their own platform information-on-demand live telecast via internet which is known as UCiTV. UCiTV stands for University Campus Interactive TV and it is developed to increase the quality of teaching and learning.


To provide knowledge-sharing and enhancing knowledge dissemination


Always ready for sharing the knowledge & the latest information  


  1. Provide information in any kind of fields to the university citizens
  2. Add humanity value to the university citizens
  3. Increase knowledge in instruction, education and research to the university citizens
  4. Provide platform to the university citizens to gain the skills of using and operating computer and internet technology
  5. Encourage life-long learning


  1. UCiTV can be a powerful tool in helping students to shape their learning behavior, attitudes, and critical thinking
  2. Inspiration and enjoyment can be shared through experimentation and hands-on practice with everyone learning new skills and technologies
  3. UCiTV will help students to exhibit a profound understandings on their preferred subject
  4. Student can gain a practical experience on video production
  5. Students can produce their own videos and enjoy a healthy debate among their own peers